As a payroll company we understand the importance of both security and privacy, we strive to continuously improve our processes and systems, we take compliance with GDPR and data security very seriously, but that’s how payroll professionals are.

It had been almost 18 months since Payroll Business Solutions achieved ISO 27001:2017 accreditation for Information Security and since then the company has had regular audits to ensure the controls, processes, and systems are constantly in place and being improved.

On 18th December 2018, we underwent a two-day audit with our assessor involving many of the staff at Payroll Business Solutions and we are delighted to report that we passed with flying colors!

This ISO certification provides Payroll Business Solution with a management framework for responsible data protection management and continuous improvement.

Our ISO 27001:2017 certification process tests the business for its processes, policies, and procedures against a comprehensive set of requirements. The ISO is fundamentally a formal framework of requirements coupled with a risk management process. Those two elements, combined with a continuous process of internal and external audit, provides the business with rigorous data procedures and ensures continuous improvement in data security going forward.

Payroll business Solutions’ ISO 27001:2017 recertification is now valid till 25th May 2020.