In times gone by the choice of payroll solution available to a company was very clear cut and well defined, namely, you had the choice of either running your payroll in-house or outsourcing the payroll function to a 3rd party.

The trend between these two offerings also routinely fluctuated with the current trend either to bring in-house or outsource, influenced of course by either regulation, business or technology trends.

At Payroll Business Solutions we believe that our clients needn’t be restricted to one or the other option and should ideally be offered a customisable model, as we view the payroll function as a range of services which could be individually selected to best suit the clients business processes and requirement.

This allowed a company to have the control and data access associated with an in-house solution but outsourcing some of the peripheral payroll tasks. Initially, one of the most common services to outsource was payslip printing and distribution. The introduction of more stringent auditing requirements also gave rise to a substantial increase in companies outsourcing the payroll Bacs process.

As time and technology have progressed this approach has been proved especially applicable with the rise of cloud-based solutions, online payslips & HRMC forms and the additional burdens on the payroll team namely pension auto-enrolment and pension administration. All additional services which can be selectively run in-house or outsourced.

Both new and existing Payroll Business Solutions clients have a complete spectrum of choice when reviewing their payroll requirement from moving to a cloud-based Accord Payroll software solution with online payslips to allowing PBS to completely manage their payroll function with online access to payroll reports, payslips and HRMC forms (or more usually somewhere in-between these two options).

We chose the name Payroll Business Solutions because we offer exactly that, a payroll solution to exactly accommodate your particular payroll requirement with the flexibility to change the solution as either your requirements and the statutory payroll requirements change.

To conclude there is no right or wrong choice between in-house, hosted or outsourced payroll function, each company and sector is unique and as such the payroll solution too should be modular, scalable and flexible.