Passion for Payroll

Customer focus, reliability, flexibility and resilience

We provide end-to-end payroll solutions, offering both on-premise and hosted payroll software as well as fully managed payroll and bureau services. Our comprehensive solution offerings are built and managed by high calibre payroll professionals. In fact, over 80% of our employees are payroll trained.


As well as being GDPR, RTI compliant and HMRC recognised, our Accord Payroll software system is configurable for non-statutory calculations and data transfer from and to HR and accounting systems to reduce manual workload. The system also incorporates Auto Enrolment functionality, including automatic assessment and data interchange with pension provider systems.


Since our inception in 1998, our mission has been to bring accurate, timely, cost-effective payroll to the widest possible range of UK based organisations. Our clients are of all sizes. We work in very diverse sectors, including manufacturing, financial and pension products, third sector/non-profit, housing, schools, health, farming and many others. Working in such a variety of employment environments has honed our expertise, enabling us to deliver solutions which address our customers’ needs very precisely.

As well as general payroll expertise, we provide specifically configured solution offerings for Pensions Payroll, Schools and Recruitment. Our solutions are delivered in the most appropriate format for your organization: on-premise/internally hosted, cloud-hosted, or as an outsourced payroll service.

End-to-end payroll solutions and services

Payroll Software

  • On-premise and internally hosted software
  • Pension payroll
  • Payroll for schools
  • Pay & Charge – recruitment payroll

Outsourced Payroll

  • Fully managed service
  • Bacs, bureau and part-managed service

Payroll Business Solutions is an independent payroll software and service provider. We are ISO 9001 & 27001 certified, GDPR compliant and a Bacs approved bureau.