Highly competitive outsourced payroll solutions with RTI and auto enrolment. Delivered through a Bacs approved bureau, ISO 9001 & 27001 certified systems and processes.

Many schools are now choosing to move away from their governing local authorities for the provision of payroll services and opt for an alternative cost effective and streamlined payroll solution whilst improving the quality of service to their teachers & staff.

Unlike most organisations, schools have many intricate complexities such as multiple employments, pay spines, incremental progression of salary within pay grades, teachers and local government pension schemes (TPS & LGPS)

Payroll Business Solutions provides a tailored service specifically to meet the needs of school payrolls.

What we can offer

  • Secure online portal for e-Payslips & P60 forms
  • Secure online payroll approval & reports
  • Support for teachers and support staff pay scales and TLR points
  • Optional interface to school HR system
  • LGPS & teachers pension scheme including MDC interfaces
  • Bacs approved bureau to credit employee bank accounts directly
  • 3rd Party Bacs payments
  • Multi-post options
  • Interface to school finance system

What sets us apart

  • A competitively priced solution with no hidden costs
  • A designated and skilled payroll team with a dedicated point of contact for each client
  • Payroll software fully developed and maintained in-house
  • Full understanding of the needs and requirements of school payrolls
  • Complete data security
  • ISO 9001/27001 certified, Bacs accredited

Ensure your staff gets paid accurately on time, every time. To find out more about our solutions for schools – why not Contact Us on 020 8550 7758 today.