Highly configurable, comprehensive and scalable pensioner payroll solutions

Offered either as a managed bureau service or as a hosted payroll software for pension payroll management and pensioner payment.

HMRC recognised Accord Payroll software powered pension payroll solutions, is offered either as a hosted payroll software or is used to provide a managed bureau service. Accord Payroll supports all types of pension payments including regular drawdown, triviality commutation payments, lump sums, payments to non-individuals, pension flexibility payments, death benefit payments (dependents payments), serious ill health payments. As part of annual maintenance, Accord Payroll is annually updated to support new pension payment types.

Our pension solutions are developed in-house and built on powerful Accord Payroll platform which delivers over 300,000 payslips and has been a leader in the market since 1998. Accord Payroll can be integrated with third-party pension administration systems to add additional value to the pension management and payment systems.

We’ve designed our pensioner payroll software and service with security and reliability in mind. It guarantees your pensioners will be paid accurately and on time. Our systems and services are certified to ISO 9001 quality and ISO 27001 information security standards, GDPR compliant, Bacs accredited, HMRC recognised.

Salient features:

  • An in-house developed pensioner payroll system that can be integrated with third-party pension administration systems and highly customisable
  • ‘Real time information’ (RTI) compliance. All types of pension payments are reported correctly to HMRC via RTI FPS and EPS
  • Accessibility for pensioners via an optional online portal which enables your clients to view their payslips, P60s and other payroll reports
  • A comprehensive range of payment types, including (but not limited to):
    • Regular income/drawdown
    • Relevant accretion payments
    • Small lump sums
    • Trivial commutation payments of types A, B and C
    • Payments from a flexi-access drawdown funds
    • Uncrystallised funds pension lump sum payments, UFPLS
    • Stand-alone lump sum payments
    • Payments to non-individuals
    • Death benefit payments
    • Serious ill health payments
  • Accord Payroll is annually updated to support new pension payment types
  • Supported by a dedicated payroll support team

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